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FACT: Story-telling is helping brands sell more products.

There’s no denying that stories sell.

It’s true.

Have you noticed the trends of Facebook ads? 90 per cent of them start with a story … well, the successful ads do.


DID YOU KNOW: “Social storytelling is responsible for more than 65% of conversations had in public?” (Forbes)


You want people to be talking about the stories you are sharing because it’s the future of content and content strategy – and, as a business owner, you need to know how to write stories you can use in your content that will help you engage more people.

The power of story-telling and sharing your story has far greater benefits that you can ever know!

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·       The art of telling stories

·       Why it’s important (actually, it’s crucial) that you do

·       How to structure them for maximum impact

·       What to share (how personal is too personal?!)

·       Where to share them

·       AND … the 5 stories you must tell to have an impact on your audience to boost engagement and grow your business. There are actually 10!)


Written content is more important than ever *NOW* and despite what reports you have read about videos and podcasts taking over … content writing is not going anywhere in the near future.


I get it. You don't think you have a story worth sharing ...well, I bet you do!

Or you might think people won't care about your story...That's not true. Your people will care! And they will love you for sharing it!

So if you’d like to know how to make your content more readable IE ... E.N.G.A.G.I.N.G … let me share in my self-paced, online training, The Story Shift.

FAST FACT: And that’s a lot because I have spent 16 years in the media as a journalist and editor, and 5 years running a content writing agency, and teaching business owners how to write for the past 3 years!

That’s pretty good odds that the tips, tricks and tactics I will share will help you write high-quality articles without paying for copywriters.


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Plus, I'll share some other important content writing tips with you too...


The No.1 HUGE issue facing business owners when it comes to online content (so you can avoid them!).

The THING I did to grow my profile, get more speaking opportunities, guest blogging opportunities, clients and sales.

How to write the RIGHT words! And The top 5 words you ​​​​should NEVER
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PLUS ... My proven 5 STAR content writing structure
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The Connection Queen, Janja Bojanic, Connection Consulting 

The Story Shift: “Write stories to grow your business (and profile 3x)” online training
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